Methis OfficeLab: a happy end case study.

After a few years of intermittent activities Methis, Office Furniture Division of Coopsette Scarl, changes its ownership and thanks to a Workers Buyout operation becomes Methis OfficeLab. Soc coop.

From July 1st, 2017 the company based in Campegine (Reggio Emilia) has regularly resumed production thanks to a Workers Buyout operation: a group of proud and brave employees invested their own unemployment insurance to acquire ownership and control of the company where they worked.

We want to give continuity to our experience and our past, maintaining the range of products, the quality of services and in the meantime renovating and innovating the proposal of our products– quoted the workers’ delegate- because we are persuaded that the office furniture market represents a dynamic and complex context, but full of opportunities for growth and development: we intend to work for projects and not for products, where the first project is the product itself!


The attitude towards innovation, the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, the flexibility in the offer, the attention to place design and taste inside efficient products, are the basis on which they intend to focus an ambitious project, full of expectations and passion for doing.

WOW! wish Good Luck to these wow-workers!


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