Office and contract furnishing in ADI Index 2014.

After some years of absence, products for Office and Contract were selected in ADI Index 2014 for the next Compasso d’Oro, a sign that the research and the true innovation are recognized and rewarded. The selected products on show in Milan and Rome.

Office furniture from this edition of ADI Index were selected in the “work” category, but the line between products for home, office and contract is increasingly blurred. Among the projects selected are Caimi Brevetti, Ares Line, De Castelli, Unifor, Segis. And Karboxx, Artemide, Danese, Luceplan for lighting.
The selection was not easy: the committee examined 659 proposals, of which 194 were part of the Targa Giovani (the section reserved for designs developed by students of Italian design schools). 138 designs and services are featured (of which 18 are part of the Targa Giovani) and divided into 11 thematic categories.
Among the selection categories this year, some have been changed from previous editions in order to better respond to the new face of Italian design: the categories of Design for Mobility and Design for Communication are new (these dedicate specific attention to areas previously included in other classes), while the central category of Design for Living has been partially revised to include street furniture and outdoor furniture. The growing importance of the categories reserved for designs for Design for Welfare and Design for Services has also been recognized.
During the exhibitions there will be meetings, presentations and conferences, and in addition to the selected products, there will also be those designs that took part in the Esporre il Compasso d’Oro competition for the ADI Compasso d’Oro Historic Collection exhibition hall, that will open to the public in the future ADI headquarters in Milan.
As usual, the selection of all the products and services on display is the result of the work of the ADI Permanent Design Observatory: a group of around one hundred and fifty independent experts (both ADI members and non-members) who have identified the best results of contemporary Italian design. Selection is accomplished through a network of local committees that work in each Italian region, thematic commissions that assess the innovation content of each design sector-by-sector, and a final selection committee that valid a test he results. Coordination of this framework has been given this year to Carlo Martino (University La Sapienza, Rome), César Mendoza (designer) and Francesco Zurlo (Politecnico di Milano).
The presentation of the products selected this year for submission to the jury for the next Compasso d’Oro has been assigned to two exhibitions, in Milan (Ansaldo 27th October/8 th November) and in Rome (17th /28th November 2014, Ex Cartiera Latina,via Appia Antica).

1Cover ADI Index 2014.
2,FLAP, Modular sound-absorbing panels.Design: Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda. Caimi Brevetti.
3,PRIVÉE, Collection of modular armchairs, sofas and poufs. Design: Progetto CMR, Ares Line.
4, SC&A, Modular glass walls. Design: Pierluigi Cerri – Studio Cerri & Associati, Unifor.
5, CASES, Modular system of office furniture. Design: Jean Nouvel, Unifor.
6, DRAGONFLY, Chair.Design: Odoardo Fioravanti con/with Philippe Tabet, Segis.
7, PLACAS, Dismountable coffee table. Design: Paolo Lucidi, Luca Pevere – LucidiPevere Design Studio, De Castelli.
8, QUADRICROMIA, Furnishing element, used as a surface covering or spatial divider. Design: Jean Nouvel, Danese.
9, HEEL, Chair. Design: Nendo, Moroso.
10, ELEMENT, Collection of tables, coffee tables, consoles and chairs. Design: Tokujin Yoshioka, Desalto.
11, CATA, LED spotlight. Design: Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Artemide Architectural.
12, ECLITTICA, Series of LED lamps. Design: Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Danese.
13, ADD-ON PENDANT LAMP, Suspension lamp. Design: Thomas Feichtner. Karboxx.
14,SILENZIO, Family of suspension sound absorbing lamps. Design: Monica Armani, Luceplan.
15, SYNAPSE, Modular lighting system which can be wall mounted, suspended or configured as a partition lighting element. Design: Francisco Gomez Paz, Luceplan.


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