Olof Palme Convention Centre in Managua.

The impressive upgrading project of the multi-purpose centre Olof Palme is signed by the Italian architect Bruno Belluomini and has involved some major Italian companies, such as Ares Line, manufacturer of hotel, offices and training halls supplies, that also furnished 1200 armchairs for the glamorous Plenary Chamber.

The Convention Centre was carried out at the end of the ‘80s with a financial contribution from Sweden and devoted to the past First Minister Olof Palme, killed in 1986. Nowadays it is even the most important Congress Center in Nicaragua.
After being neglected, largely due to the big heartquake in 1972, it was in a dilapidated state.
In 2011 architect Belluomini was entrusted by Nicaragùense de Securitad Social Institute, owner of the whole area, with the renovation of the existing building and the carrying out of new ones: a 3 stars hotel with fitness centre and swimming pool, a multipurpose hall and commercial spaces to liven up the area outside the convention facilities, too.

The project, that lasted five years, was recently ended; it did not just restore the centre to its original magnificence but also added new features and re-established a link between this area and the urban pattern.
The six buildings are conceived as six independent organisms – in architecture and management, too- different in age, dimensions and shapes but linked by a modular constructive system and by the simple and rationalist style.
As far as the Plenary Chamber named “Plenario” is concerned, the only change was the reconstruction of the arch portal for the static consolidation.
Inside, the elegant Sweden interior design of the plenary chamber remained unchanged, except for the new false ceilings with integrated lamps and the new wooden floor.
Thanks to the new distribution now there are 1200 seats -instead 800.
Papillon armchairs by Ares Line were chosen, with red leather upholstery and supplied with drop-leaf tablet and multifunctional console, to guarantee optimum use, easy to fold away on special caddies, store and compact, to allow a flexible use of the multi-purpose room.
At the wall, a copy of Guernica by Pablo Picasso, with its destroyed town, pays homage to the memory of these places.


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