Acoustic comfort for multifunctional rooms.

Palazzo di Varignana Resort & SPA is an elegant and stunning venue in the hills near Bologna. An eighteenth-century villa, restored to its original charm and transformed in an exclusive location for relaxing holidays, conventions and corporate events.
The complex was recently expanded with two multipurpose rooms designed by Elena Zacchiroli, in collaboration with Mascagni. Thanks to its skills the company was able to solve acoustic comfort issues with the best look of Italian design.

The Resort stands in wonderful park, part of the prestigious Great Italian Gardens Network, and offers 1900 sqm Spa with outdoor pool, gym, courts, 2 restaurants, 90 comfortable rooms and a multifunctional congress centre.


The historical wine cellars of the Villa lead out to an elegant and spacious foyer, from where the 300 sqm Congress Centre can be accessed, with natural light and large windows with black-out blinds. A gallery of antiques and precious objects links to the Belvedere Area, a 770 square meters of reconfigurable and multi-functional location on two levels, recently designed by Zacchiroli Architetti Associati in balance with the surrounding nature and the original architecture, in order to offer a perfect place for banqueting, fashion shows, music events, presentations and business events.

The main needs were acoustic comfort and the possibility to integrate lighting in the false ceiling: the brief was to have a high-performance ceiling and a superior design, too.
The solution selected by the project manager Pietro Mascagni was TrèS, designed by Ergon Design, adapting the sound soundproofing panels to the features of the building with special hanging joints hidden in the junctions between the panels.
The new Sound Sky System TrèS was born to combine the function with the looks of a product that decorates space, giving it a clearly defined purpose, a soundproofing surface that can be bright, shaped in any way, to follow the lines of an area that can be used for any purpose, standing out as a comfortable place to spend time in.

As a matter of fact the rooms were conceived by architect Zacchiroli with three-dimensional grounds, where a sail of light, its wooden sections resembling the vertical surfaces under the windows, is gently lit up, without any unnatural added system.
The patented articulated joint construction, hanging from the backbone of the building, outlined univocal triangles that channel the geometrical shape of the room, evenly following its perimeter and making the object the perfect match for any use.


Steam-bent, micro-pierced wood covers the soundproofing material, which, pressed and hidden inside, is perfectly enhanced by the comfort that one can feel when staying under the large areas, so smartly designed.
The lights bring life into the volumes of the panels, while the neutral LED source offers perfect vision without increasing the temperature in the room. This wooden ceiling gives to the interior design the same peacefulness mood that runs through the neighbouring park.


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