Scuolazoo: PacMan and customization for the digital natives.

How do you furnish a workplace for 50 digital natives, 25 years old on average? If you immediately think of drawing inspiration from Google offices, with the financial resources of a start up and the determination of a brilliant entrepreneur –Paolo De Nadai, born in 1988– you could achieve a really original result!

Obtained from an old warehouse in Viale Cassala, Milan, Scuolazoo offices develop on two floors, linked by stairs and a lift decorated with the graphics of an old PacMan videogame or… by a fireman’s pole for the most athletic ones.
The connection between work spaces and play spaces is organized so as to give privacy to the latter. The work space features an open layout, the play areas are purpose-designed.
Low budget furniture are enriched by customized pieces designed by Paolo’s parents, Studio De Nadai based in Padua.
Just “ordinary” desks, nothing sophisticated or high-tech; simplicity is rather dominant in design, almost disarming, just big white wooden tables with central holes for the computer cables.
A site specific installation with a brutal message: digitali natives like craftwork and don’t like standardization,  and they look for spaces where they can express their inventiveness.
Text by Silvia Fattore.4-scuolazoo-uffici-wow-webmagazine

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