Simply and smarter communication at Plantronics.

Video interview with Philip Vanhoutte, Senior Vice President and Managing Director – Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Promotor of smarter working enabled by the latest technologies, Philip Vanhoutte – responsible for managing Plantronics business throughout EMEA- embraces the new working landscape, and makes the most out of working on the go, not only inside the Office, whether in a café, at the airport, outdoors, in an inspirational setting such as a museum or a park or in his home office.The choice of simply smarter communication was a key factor to reorganize the Plantronics office space in new workplaces: bright open spaces carefully controlled from the acoustic point of view, through ceiling panels and sound absorbent walls hidden behind some visually impacting pictures, but also conventional or new-concept meeting rooms, glass capsules all over the working space.
Today the job done rather than the place where we go daily. In this scenario the new bluetooth technologies play an absolutely overriding role. Plantronics, always concerned with the current firm’s need to communicate, entered into some important joint ventures with the leading brands of telephony and IT to carry out agile technologies for all users: the lightest hands-free sets connected to ergonomic and basic dock stations allow real-time communication inside and outside the office, both from cellphone, PC and desk phone, and the worker can be located in the geography of the teamwork. Their strong point lies in the intuitiveness of use, consistent with the motto of the simply smarter communication: technology flies away, communication remains.

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