Sitting-standing collections beyond normal specifications.

Serie P e Oberon, the “sitting-standing” collections by Kinnarps, are based  on design, Scandinavian values and craftsmanship. These collections, tgether with the glamour Hal by Materia, are equipped with manual or electric height adjustment of the desk top, within a range even beyond normal specifications.

The “standing-sitting” adjustment is the solution to equipping the workplace in a sustainable, ergonomic and future proof manner; to simplify this function Kinnarps has designed a control unit that clearly shows table height in a display and that can be programmed to better fit each user requirements. Since workplaces must satisfy a diversity of demands, the desktops are available in various shapes and formats.

Serie P is an economic system available as a standard workplace, since current findings in ergonomics should provide benefit to all members of staff. Thanks to the infinitely variable motor-driven adjustment, the desk top can be raised and lowered within a range even beyond normal specifications, the PC bracket, printer shelf and cable routing following the vertical movement automatically. A single press of a button to activate the invisible and quiet motor drive is sufficient in order to raise or lower the desktop within a range of 635 and  1280 mm.

Oberon is a collection of tables for individual work, spontaneous conversations, planned meetings; from an ergonomic perspective, it is healthy to vary between sitting and standing to get blood circulation. Shapes, underframes, materials and  colours are offered in a wide range to better fit to the environment, leading to a functional and appealing solution: desks, meeting tables, coffee and lounge tables.Desk tops are variably height adjustable from 615 to 1275 mm, with the simple press of a button. Oberon can also be equipped with manually adjustable legs; a crank is used to raise and lower the tabletop, with a range from 600 to 820 mm.

Hal by Materia. Recently, Materia, a Kinnarps Group brand, presented at last Stockholm Furniture Fair the Hal Collection designed by Carl Öjerstam: it may not look like an adjustable table ( especially the three-legs version) but it is one of the very best. The design is suitable for spontaneous meetings, its smart solution making it possible to possess an eloquent design without sacrificing the table’s stability.

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