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Plantronics’ office in Paris.

The new office in Paris is the latest smarter working environment specifically designed by Plantronics for today’s office worker. The goal of the company – global leader in audio communications- is to create the most effective working environment enabling staff to be comfortable and productive.

The workplace in Paris features state of the art design and soundscaping, including a waterfall feature, allowing noise to be masked with soothing running water sounds. As with the other offices, the space includes different workspaces designed to support a range of identified working styles and activities while at work. The new office also includes a gym with equipment connected to other Plantronics offices, so workers can jog and challenge colleagues based in other countries. Also featured is a brainstorm room with walls on which workers can write, meeting rooms and a room for resting to ensuring proper relaxation at times.

“The traditional office and 9-5 workday is long gone. Today’s worker deserves the right environment and right tools to be successful,” said Philip Vanhoutte, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director E&A, Plantronics. “At Plantronics, we are proud to stay on the forefront of this movement and drive home our Smarter Working motto – to allow employees to work where and when they are most productive, cost-effective and environmentally respectful.”

“Today’s office worker is not confined by four walls and a punch-clock. -said Philippe Tessier, Marketing & Inside Sales Manager France, Plantronics– While our new office provides a large variety of spaces to Collaborate, Communicate, Concentrate and Contemplate, workers only need to come into the environment when necessary. The aim is to stimulate creativity, wellbeing and mutual respect when workers are here, not keep them at work longer.”
On the occasion of the office opening, Philip Vanhoutte’s “The Smarter Working Manifesto” co-written with Guy Clapperton, was presented in French (also currently in English, Italian, German and Spanish) and a new entry-level product of Blackwire Family was launched, too.5-smart working-Paris-wow-webmagazine
The Plantronics Blackwire family.
The Plantronics Blackwire family delivers outstanding UC audio quality and reliability, with price points to meet any budget and features sets that increase as you go up the line. Announced today is the new entry-level Blackwire 315/325 corded USB headsets which are easy to use, simple to deploy, and offer the choice of USB or 3.5mm connectivity. Also included in the family is the recently announced top-of-the-line Blackwire 725, a premium USB headset that features Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, which combined with an immersive design helps block out distractive background noise in work environments. 

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