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Snowsound collects two awards at NeoCon 2017.

On the occasion of the Neocon 49th edition, particularly focused on Italian design, Caimi Brevetti earned once again two Awards: the first Best of Neocon Silver is for the sound-absorbing system Snowsound Diesis, the second one for Snowsound Analysis Software. 

Snowsound was awarded several international recognition mixing innovation with product design. This coexistence of unique aesthetic qualities with outstanding performance greatly contributes to its success.


The latest Best of Neocon Award won, in “Software/Application for Specifications” category, is a meaningful recognition for the Snowsound Analysis Software thanks to its user friendliness and quickness in estimating the required acoustic material for a given environment.


Diesis, designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, is a system of sound-absorbing Snowsound-Fiber drapes, realized with soft interwoven polyester fibers that are inherently fire-resistant and supported by a steel structure (either free-standing or hanging from the ceiling). The interaction between its special acoustic fibers and its particular shape leads to signification reduction in annoying acoustic reverberation, thus improving acoustic comfort and life quality.
Snowsound products and technologies are covered by exclusive patents that represent the result of intense in progress research and development in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes.

neocon-award-Caimi- Brevetti_laboratorio-snowsound-diesis-wow-webmagazine

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