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The potential of live streaming.

Can the evolution of social media have an impact on the strategy of a company? Plantronics has launched an innovative campaign with the writer Rossella Canevari, one of the most popular italian Periscoper, showing the potential of live streaming in reaching new consumers.

“Since few years ago, people used to find the cutting edge technology on the office place. Nowadays the innovation starts from the consumers. The private experience needs to be shared and turn into an instrument for the company”. With these words Ilaria Santambrogio, italian country manager of Plantronics, introduced the live streaming campaign launched by the american company with Rossella Canevari as testimonial.
The italian writer and Periscope influencer has used the latest Plantronics’s technology to promote her new book “Life Refound” in a live streaming tour of significant cultural event.
Which are the most significant benefits of this new technology?
“Live streaming is something different from other form of communication. It gives an idea of authenticity and spontaneity, while it allows an immediate interaction with the public”, Rossella Canevari said. ”The choice of the testimonial needs to be based not only on the number of the followers of his community, but on their responsiveness and engagement.”
“Our products can be an instrument for this new ways of communicating”, Ilaria Santambrogio concluded. “This campaign is a test: using social media technology to advertise our technology”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.
Featured image by Franco Covi.

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