A work-life balance container.

Customized comfort and functionality with Mia Ped by Dieffebi, the upgrade of the ordinary chest of drawers. Design Takiro Yuta e Dorigo Design.

The idea of work-life balance can also be put into effect even in a commonly used object like a drawer unit. Where can we put our back-pack or helmet when we get to the office? These and more requirements are met by Mia Ped, a Dieffebi product, featuring the usual high quality standards.

“The goal was to make versatile and dynamic a case that, although its technical and graphic features are quite remarkable, still remained static- explains Fiorenzo Dorigo (Dorigo Design), who has studied the fitting out of the inside. By making the most of Dieffebi technology, we carried out a most flexible inside and an outside to be used with cushions and protections for the new work tools. We thought of smart working and the nomadic knowledge workers, who change and fit objects in real time as needed”.

Mia Ped Dieffebi; design by Takiro Yuta inner accessories designed by Dorigo Design

Mia is a container that goes beyond the traditional concept of office drawer pedestals: combining multiple functions in a single object, Mia Ped is a real personal container totally configurable by the user, which transforms easily into a seat for short meetings while at the same time remaining a functional storage element. Also designed to contain the most modern work equipment as well as personal belongings, Mia Ped combines minimalist design, emphasized by the retractable castors, with a range of new colours. Due to its reduced dimensions, the interior spaces are optimized thanks to accessories designed for maximum storage functionality.

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