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Ways of designing: Claudio Bellini.

Graduated in architecture and industrial design at Politecnico University in Milan, fascinated with creativity and inspired by his father Mario, Claudio Bellini founded in 2007 Claudio Bellini Design+Design.
WOW! interviews Claudio Bellini.

Is the planning model of Claudio Bellini Design+Design the same everywhere in the world and with all kinds of companies or design products or does the approach change to the different situations?
We apply a flexible planning model with no prefixed steps; it’s a pilot, creative process. Usually, in Europe, a  workteam is formed, typical of the creative way of working. Instead, experiences made abroad involve a further effort to pour our way of designing into the company.

Claudio Bellini Design+Design operates on quite different markets (car to kitchen, office to electrical appliance, camera to tile, transports…). Do the analyses for these projects show the users have now new life styles and new requirements?
As far as “geographical” frameworks are concerned, the idea of screening some elements peculiar to cultures, values  and sensitivities different from ours and put them into a more International style sounds quite interesting. As for life styles, for a brand of Gruppo Natuzzi oriented to a young and International market, I’m trying to render people’s wish of living the home objects more easily. I’m developing a plain sofa with hidden movements, a sort of play-ground, a friend, that breaths the family mood with you, moulding and changing its mood.

Are there any conceptual “contaminations” and common elements between the many design areas Claudio Bellini Design+Design deals with?
The planning attitude is based on the same optimism, the wish to explore and reinterpret. Contaminations are chiefly between architecutre and the knowledge of materials and technologies.

How has the office vision changed in the past few years? (from Extra Dry by Tecno 1993 or TW by Frezza 1998 or Ypsilon by Vitra 2001 to Iron Doimo 2011to the new products presented at Orgatec by Ersa and Sidiz Fursys) and have these changes an impact on the new products?
The office model has changed and stimulates chance encounters during the day, thus creating free landascapes divided into areas that we might call “the middle earth” (informal, lounge, amenity, break) to trigger creativity. This phenomenon is ever-spreading everywhere: in Korea these areas have increased from 10 to 60% in the past five years.

What scenarios and evolutions  do you expect for the office and the ways of working in the near future?
There has been some talk about working from home for many years now, but that remains to be seen. The «middle earth» trend will take root by spreading a more and more relaxed model based on the massive use of smart technology.
The future environment will investigate man’s soul to create the best condition and prepare them to produce in a more joyful way.

Wich is the more interesting and innovative product design by Claudio Bellini?

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