Office over a plane tree, Como (concept di Stefano Mengoli ,realizzazione Sullalbero).

Working and wellbeing over a plane tree.

The nature inside workplace provide wellbeing, it’s a given. So, why don’t integrate the office with the nature? This is the core concept of this shelter office built on the branches of a plane tree over over 100 years old in the garden of an ancient villa on the shore of Lake Como.

This hanging shelter (concept by Stefano Mengoli ,made by Sullalbero ) is designed to create a space for working and relaxing. The hanging system is removable, non-invasive and respects  the full vitality of the tree. The protection of the tree, a top priority for all projects by the builder Sullalbero, has been entrusted to a  long-time company’s collaborator: agronomist Elisabetta Branca, founder of Agroecostudio. The shelter, accessible by a wooden staircase with handrails on both sides, is provided with a terrace from which you have a magnificent view of the lake.

The buinding materials of the tree house belong to the eco friendly building methodology: woods used for the structure and coatings are fir and larch, two species of wood with high strength and workability, FSC certified and natural dried; the panels was finished with biocompatible coatings. The insulation on the roof is made with cork panels, while in the structural walls the same result is obtained with wool of sheep.
Inside, a setting that defines a simple workplace linked to the concentration and relaxation: a desk and a comfortable lounge chair, some shelves.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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