A metal skin for the official retailer EXPO 2015.

Designed and built in 80 days and located in a key position at the beginning of “decumano” at EXPO 2015, the two pavilions designed by Alessandro Pedron e Marco Zito and covered with the metallic surfaces by De Castelli reflect the different corporate philosophies, one democratic, the other more exclusive, both dedicated to two fashion-related brands -OVS and Excelsior Milano- of Gruppo Coin, Expo’s Official Retailer company.

The invention consists of a unique large metal shingles in the rhomboidal form, developed by Pedron and Zito with the Venetian company De Castelli which blends in its business strategy an enviable experience in metal finishes for architecture, with a continuous research for innovation.
“When we started formulating the project, we immediately thought of rendering the realization more noble, essentially through an industrial material characterized by refinement of a special manual processing“, explain Pedron and Zito. “Well aware of the company’s openness to experimenting, we turned to De Castelli, addressing together technical, aesthetic and functional problems posed by what we imagined as a bright, shimmering metal skin that will get oxidized by the weather.”
The collaboration and personal friendship between Marco Zito and Albino Celato, gave birth to an innovative mantle of diagonal four-side geometrical figures, designed in two different finishes for the two brands: technological and industrial in brushed aluminium finish in the case of OVS and precious cor-tén délabré with gold-coloured reflections to represent the more sophisticated and exclusive identity of Excelsior Milano.
Both versions are complemented by an hand made finish on individual shingles, which has helped transforming into a texture the coat already “moved” by particular diagonal disposition and different level of installation of the metal plates.2-DeCastelli-EXPO2015-Alessandra-Chemollo-wow-webmagazinePhoto by Alessandra Chemollo.

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