Christmas Trees as green artworks (Merano until January 6th).

A gallery of prestigious authorities on the international art world confronted with the universal symbol of the Tree are invited to design a author tree inserted to form a playful and museum like itinerary in the historic center of Merano, which enjoys a cosmopolitan atmosphere, where trends and languages always cross each other and meet. Christmas Trees-Merano Collection 2014 is the showcase of a large cultural project conceived and curated by Laura Villani, architect and design expert, curator of exhibitions worldwide.

Articulated around the theme of the tree, the initiative -promoted by Azienda of Tourism Merano- at Christmas turns the spotlight on the tree always green, which symbolizes the life that continues, the expectation of the return of spring, the richness of nature and the harbor of peace.
At the invited artists was requested to design, especially for the occasion, the decoration of a real tree with elective affinity with their own creative and symbolic world helping to make, for the originality of this initiative, an excellence in the international arena. The event which is proposed as annual, starting from this first edition 2014-2015, has invited prestigious figures of various artistic fields. In the around thirty invited artists can be cited personalities of music and entertainment which are famous to the wider public of television, theater and cinema as Renzo Arbore, Syusy Blady, Vito, Patrizio Roversi, with a tribute to the multifaceted personality of Lucio Dalla. In the art sector representatives such as Marco Lodola, Marcello Jori, in the fashion symbol personalities such as Elio Fiorucci, Rosita Missoni, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Guillermo Mariotto (Gattinoni), finally celebrated exponents in design such as Matteo Thun. The Collection of trees signed by the various authors, natural urban sculptures to a monumental scale, go to create a path that forms a magical walk to discover the cultural, architectonic, artistic, tourist attractions of the city. The trees interpreted by the invited artists constitute also examples of vegetal architecture with which we want to highlight how nature is so essential to us and that its presence in a historical center is a carrier of physical and mental wellbeing. Sustainability in contemporary architecture and design, where the prestigious creative invited will make us to touch their innovative and green sculptures on an urban scale, where the structure is natural and the ornament perfectly combines art and natural design, in a sort of urban agriculture, of vegetable garden therapy, of feng shui in a made in Italy style. The project will thus constitute a path that aims to adorn the city with vegetable sculptures that will live in the day and at night will turn on with lights transforming the green utopia in a continuous show.

The initiative presents an important side show titled Luminapolis Marco Lodola + Renzo Arbore presenting the light sculptures of Lodola and the pop pop interior design by Arbore, two personalities of the world, respectively of art and entertainment, who are also present in Merano with an extraordinary Christmas tree.
Text by Laura Villani

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