Coaching and openness for agile and no-boss companies.

In order to measure up to the global market of a liquid modernity, a liquid business management is necessary. No command or control, but a horizontal leadership and a chief, who changes into a coach to help people to self-organize and find the right, ‘open’ solution. Hence, a company needing no bosses.

The presentation of the new book “Coaching: come trasformare individui e organizzazioni” gives the authors –Paolo Bruttini and Barbara Senerchia- the opportunity to explain the principles of Coaching for Openness. The suggestions to change from “to organize” to “organizing”.
It isn’t just a matter of overcoming the managerial logic of control, but to adopt the concept of community, to be able to hire, fascinate and inspire people; to be genuine and transparent; giving space and listening to one’s collaborators.
So the company has to be in a position not to demotivate people and enable them to be at their best and more productive.
The focus should be shifted on the other, to give them the possibility of breaking fresh ground and finding different solutions through out-of- the-box thinking.
It’s not by accident if we speak about coaching at the new headquarters of Coca Cola Italia, designed by DEGW; this case history has been studied along with other ten.
The company embarked on a coaching process back in 2008 “so that everybody could find their own wellbeing while devoting themselves to the wellbeing of the organization.
“Coaching helped us find and make the most of our people’s talent.” says Paola Parini, training manager Coca-Cola HBC .
In an “open” company, the workplace cannot but be a stimulating open-space.
“Sometimes I feel ill at ease due to the lack of privacy, but my collaborators can interact without knocking on the door and this is a great advantage.” quotes Emiliano Maria Cappuccitti, HR Director Coca-Cola HBC Italia.
Thus showing that the adoption of organizational models based on openness can be easier with a consistent space and environment planning.


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