Copernico, a revolutionary spirit for the workplace.

A grand party sanctioned the official opening a few days ago, but Copernico Milano Centrale has been working at full capacity for several months and has already generated a most active network. 16.000 m2 of temporary offices and coworking with some dynamic ancillary areas and carried out with a reasonable budget. Along with the new space, the platform Copernico, created by Windows on Europe was also launched to meet the changes of new ways of working and smart working needs.The motto is Create, Contaminate, Connect.

The building Copernico Milano Centrale (owner Fondo Immobiliare Cimarosa – Generali Immobiliari Sgr) is in a strategic position close to Centrale railroad Station and was renovated by Studio DC10 to be changed into a place, that can aggregate the local most vital energies and trigger virtuous speeding-up processes of the company.
It was defined a “Concept Building”. 6 floors of plug&play workspaces with a “social floor”, the core of Copernico’s philosophy devoted to create relationships and synergies among the users: it is a flexible area for networking, relaxing, food and events.

“We can define Copernico as a vision rather than a workplace… it marks out a new sign on the European map of the workplace.” quoted Pietro Martani, creator of Copernico and CEO of Windows on Europe.
Rooms follow one another in a continuum of mixed spaces; areas with an industrial mood alternate with more conventional offices and domestic-like environments.

The Fil rouge of all areas is maximum flexibility to suit all kinds of circumstances and functions: handcrafted workshops, reconfigurable turn key conference room, a coworking area in the basement, a basic and informal place focused on acoustic comfort; the Theatre multimedia equipped; the Club, a loft equipped with vintage furnishing of the ‘50ties ( a must of the new start-up aesthetics) a gym and an agorà to share experiences.

The strong points are the “urban design style” Café with a terrace overlooking the park and the outside area, a 2000 m2 park for concerts, shooting or board meeting: in the city, a real privilege!

The sound absorbing “cocoons” and phone booths in the coworking areas are produced by Buzzi Space and supplied by Cardex, Milan.


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