Emme Italia furnishes Jamko coworking in Milan.

A new coworking opens at Lambrate district. It’s called Jamko, comes up with the metaphorical image of the astronaut of “2001: a space Odyssey”, offers low-cost spaces and it’s an incubator for creative talent and craftspeople, an idea that liked to Emme Italia that provided its furniture conceived for creative environments.

It was a small building of the ’60s/70s with industrial device, restored by the architect Joseph Di Pasquale, who used the widest part to his studio AM Progetti and devoted 120 sqm open space to coworking animated by the sparkling Giovanni Di Modica. Some workstations well apart and a room where to do “dirty works” such as those of painters and craftsman that cannot, obviously, use traditional spaces.

Thanks to Emme-Italia furniture and EmC lights that, from the very beginning, supported the idea, Jamko can boast of a particular look constantly changing that combines practicality and aesthetic taste, a good quality that the future coworkers are going to appreciate. High-adjusting tables ( 150 x 100 cm) with reclinabel tops, wooden stools, bookcases, standard drawers and large professional storages for drawings and prints.
It’ll host, until 13th April, the creations of 6 Italian realities in the field of art and design. All of them have a strong handicraft mark (Emme Italia, EmC Luci, Galimberti, Nicoletta Negro, Arianna Carossa, Lucha Libre and Birrificio Diciottopuntozero).
Jamko Coworking
where: Via Priorato 6, Milano.
when: 8/13th april (10 am/8 pm)
Opening April 8th.




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