The Best Workplace work on the “Human Touch”.

The Great Place to Work European Conference revealed that the Best workplaces are getting better, and are paying more attention to the needs and wishes of individual employees.

The 12th annual Best Workplace in Europe List by Great Place to Work was announced in Rome last June shows at the 5 first places Microsoft, WL Gore, Admiral Group, SAS Institute (check out all the companies).
Together with the list of the best workplaces in Rome was presented the
new report, Working on the Human Touch: a five-year analysis of the best workplaces in European countries with a focus on levels of employee trust. The results demonstrate that most countries saw a gain in trust levels in their best workplaces, and several countries experienced significant improvement. In addition, European workplaces are moving away from viewing employees as cogs in the machine and trying to provide employees with the human touch.

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