Half a million people are working in coworking spaces!

During the annual conference Coworking Europe which took place in Milan, Deskmag and SocialWorkplaces.com, presented the results of the Global Coworking Survey, the most recent global survey on Coworking. The number of coworking spaces continues to increase and in the last year they have grown by 36%; today there are around 7,800 coworking spaces and about  500,000 coworkers worldwide.

The number of coworking spaces is growing worldwide. However, almost 85% of space operators answer that the market for them does not seem to be oversaturated.

The community is a key factor of the coworking spaces.The survey analyzes how strongly members feel they are a part of their current coworking community (29% very strongly; 41% strongly).

How the coworkers work? 73% work at a coworking space three times a week or more often; 44% every day.
78% work in open space; 56% work on their own, not in team, but only 29% work at an individual workplace, not in a group of desks.
12% work in team offices; 5% in individual office and a minority prefers coffee areas and meeting rooms.

Is the coworking space profitable? The survey shows that more spaces are profitable, as well as unprofitable. A black zero expects to see only 35% of all operators; four years ago it was 43%.
Coworking spaces very often generate revitalisation programs of urban development. Coworking spaces are rarely found in new buildings. 42% are located in buildings that already existed 50 years ago, ad only half located in the original designated commercial units.
The survey shows that coworking spaces are coming with very positive prospects for the new year. Almost 80% of participants expect an increase in number of members, and three-quarters expect higher revenues, in addition to a stronger bond with members in their community. The outlook is very optimistic.

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