Kinnarps: design oriented acoustics.

Kinnarps Group has been studying the issue of acoustic comfort in open- space for many years and places several solutions with a very attractive design.

Concerning furniture systems, are available cupboards with acoustically efficient doors (Ordemo) and a wide range of stand-alone easy movable panels (Rezon) also sliding into each other (Alp) or the more bizarre and glamour model (Wannabetree).
The wall-mounted acoustic panels range comes in colours and shapes that make it an ornamental as well as functional component ; decorative modular panels for free compositions (Ocean, Oktav, Global), hanging from the ceiling too (Aircone).
Acoustic comfort inside depends upon people living there: Kinnarps proposes a Voice Educator, a small and pretty device changing its colour when the tone of the voice is too high.
1 Ocean by Glimakra, design Maria Grönberg, distributed by Kinnarps Italia. Sound absorbent to mount on the wall, with a new and smooth design inspired by the waves. The sound absorption is very high class and clothing of the fabric is outstanding.
2 Oktav by Kinnarps, squared acoustic wall panels.
3 Global by Glimakra, distributed by Kinnarps Italia. Wall acoustic panels.
4 Aircone by Abstracta, design Anya Sebton, distributed by Kinnarps Italia. The modules are assembled together using plastic clips. It can be hung from the ceiling or against the wall on an aluminium rail.
5 Ordemo by Kinnarps. cupboards with sound absorbing doors.
6 Rezon by Kinnarps. Free standing acoustic panels.
7 Alp by Glimakra, design Tim Alpen, distributed by Kinnarps Italia. A sound absorbing room divider with multiple functions. It comes in three sizes that can slide into each other or stand alone.
8 Wannabetree by Glimakra, designed by Harström Bertil, distributed by Kinnarps Italia. Free standing screens.
9 Voice educator by Kinnarps.

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