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Lessthan5: change colour with an app.

Coalesse introduced at Salone del Mobile 2015 the new Lessthan5_MY (<5_MY) chair by Michael Young. Made entirely of carbon fiber, the <5_MY chair combines materiality with technology in a new frontier of the custom-design.

Made by an unique material, allowing an array of colors and bespoke surface applications, Lessthen5_MY weights less than 2.3kg (5lb) and can support up to 136kg (300lb).
The ultimate craftmanshift allows for endless customizations. The <5_MY App presents the chair in the 5 base colors and then allows the user to customize the colors and the shadowing on the legs by choosing the exact desired nuance out of the complete existing color pallet. The app allows even to take a picture of your favorite clothe, landscape, shadow of your eyes and use that exact color to be applied to the chair. And with one click the design created by the user is sent to Coalesse for quote and realization of your very own and unique <5_MY.
As Michael Young states: “The chair’s structure and form was developed as a result of working with a factory that is known for exceptional high performance bicycles. This technology is ideal for the development of an exceedingly lightweight stacking chair. We wanted to design a carbon fiber chair that is truly functional and ergonomic.
“When we started the process we decided that we didn’t just want to make a carbon fiber chair and we didn’t want to make a gallery piece, we wanted to make a real, industrialized solution”, John Hamilton, director of global design at Coalesse said. “We wanted to explore the boundaries of using cutting edge technology and materials to redefine craft in the new age of global manufacturing.”
“Our design and engineering came together to express something very efficient, optimized, and smart through an amazing new material and process”, concludes John Hamilton. “Working with world class design talent and the world’s best carbon fiber craftsmen, we created a solution of lasting value that completely changes how you think about this type of chair.”
Text by Gabriele Masi.




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