Milano Design Week 2014: sofa/armchairs.

Almost all the new couches and armchairs presented at Milano Design Week 2014 are designed for the contract industry, allowing more business possibilities than the home sector.

Two chief trends for the lounge chair suitable for all kinds of common space: on the one hand, modular systems to be extended and fitted, increasingly functional, on the other hand sculptural one-offs, that destructure the classic seat/back/arm model and produce pleasant surprises by matching different materials and drawing inspiration from nature or some iconic objects of our everyday life.
A couch can also change into a tool, to start experimental projects and some really innovative ways of working, like crowdcrafting #Sofa4Manhattan twin international event (Milano /New York) designed and made in team.

1,Passoni Nature, Botan (Japanese for peony)is a surprising new sofa designed by Benedetta Tagliabue; seats and poufs like petals to placed in many different ways.
2, Arper, seating modular system Zinta, design by Lievore Altherr Molina.
3, Berto, sperimental crowdcrafting project #Sofa4Manhattan ( Milan/NewYork) conceived by Design-Apart and Filippo Berto; designed by Lera Moiseeva and Joe Graceffa coordinated by Luca Nichetto.
4, Coquille di Markus Johansson Design, will be presented at Salone Satellite. A shell-like form with strong lines, a sofa with a marine character.

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