Pop Up Office, unexpected urban workspaces.

Pop Up Office” is the theme of the workshop organized by Domus Academy with Haworth. The young designers were asked to reflect upon the concept of temporary workplace, a scenario Milan is going to be immersed in during Expo 2015.

Haworth asked the students to create “urban offices”, exploring new methods, forms and design related to the working environments “of the future”, where technology and innovation play a crucial role. Through laptops and smartphones anywhere in a public city space one can create their own office. Thousands of visitors from different cultures coming to Milan will find all kinds of mixtures between protection and exposure, relation and isolation, indoor and outdoor, personal ad social.
The Master students gave free rein to creativity, chiefly considering how to meet requirements of mobilty and dynamism, digital and analogic devices, defining new and unusual working environments and trying to transform any space anywhere.
The design concepts were discussed with Haworth’s senior designer Nicolai Czumaj-Bront, Patricia Urquiola, mentor of Master in Interior & Living Design, project leader Zac Jakub and Francesca Vargiu course leader.

Workshop Domus Academy “Pop Up Office: working in unexpected urban spaces” in conjunction with Haworth.
Project leader: Jakub Zak
Project Advisor: Francesca Vargiu
Project Assistant: Elena Pefani
Mentor: Patricia Urquiola


1, Reverse
Reverse is a new concept of working environment located on the Navigli. The project will receive all working professionals that are looking for a place to be connected. They will experience the different sensations of working in, on, and above water, along with being provided with a functional link with the EXPO 2015. The variety of spaces and levels proposed will create a new atmosphere immersed in one of the main elements of the Milanese life: the Navigli channels.
Design concept by:
Abou-Hassan Leanne Adel
Smidi Lilwa Khalil
Rangel Mejia Juan Sebastian
El Chidiac Nour 


2, Work MI
During the Expo 2015 in Milan it would be difficult for visitors to find a space for short work sections. Work Mi is a new system providing people with a comfortable and functional working space. Even if located in abandoned spots, Work Mi is easy to reach because it is located near by the Atm public transport system. Work Mi also enrich the city by activating unused urban spaces.
Design concept by:
Dogukan Yilmaz
Oyku Ekin Guler
Liao Wan Chun
Rajadhananti Voravich
Shao Ya Chen

3_ Click + Work_Tsoukia_Miro_Noceda_Alafropati_IMAGE05_wow-webmagazine-domus-academy-haworth

3, Click + Work
Click + Work is a site-specific, pop up workspace, placed on Milano train stations platforms during the crowed time of the EXPO. Since technology offers the opportunity to work anytime and everywhere, Click + Work aims at serving the busy working travelers who need to take advantage of their waiting time. Users are provided with the basic elements (Wi-Fi, plugs, chair and table) needed for working. Just by “clicking” their temporary workspace is ready for use!
Design concept by:
Alafropati Konstantina
Noceda Roca Maria Isabel
Tsoukia Eleana
Miro Grau Nuria


SMAP is an innovative workspace based on the concept of creating one module that incorporates the different working postures applied by a person while using gadgets such as IPhone, tablets, laptops and smart watches. It’s designed to break the stereotype of a typical workspace and provide anybody with a flexible work environment. SWAP’s target user is someone that is in a rush to find the closest power plug or someone who wants to work in a more relaxed environment. To locate the module, the user needs to download the app on their mobile phone. The user can also buy a package that supplies him/her with the necessary tools for working in a new city, such as a map, converter, charger, stationary, notebook, sticky notes, metro and SIM card. These packages are available in vending machines at airports, parks and metro stations.
Design concept by:
Mhaidli Mohamad Ali
Puripreecha Ratanatra
Ghnaim Salim
Srichainak Narakorn
Metha Namrata Kavan


5, Urban Oasis
Urban Oasis is an open workspace located in Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan, which will be one of the busiest areas for business during the EXPO 2015. It is a spatial intervention to create an interesting contrast against the cold surfaces of Unicredit buildings. This unexpected workspace gives the chance to any kind of professional to work in a more fun and relaxing environment instead of a formal and banal one, typical of contemporary offices.
Design concept by:
Pyatitskaya Ekaterina
Tyasti Kinanti Anindita
Aldana Castillo Natalia
Chandra Parija

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