Temporary offices for the Business Nomads (Abrahams Crielaers).

Inspired by the work of the photographer Jimmy Nelson, the Dutch designer Abrahams Crielaers had an idea: nowadays business nomads are really a new kind of tribe. A Tribe that needs a network of temporary offices with a “tribal atmosphere” given by colours, materials and furniture. These features are all present in the first multifunctional space inaugurated in Eindhoven.

The peculiarity of the Tribes network of “mobile offices”, as Abrahams Crielaers has defined them, is the idea behind the project: workers nowadays are becoming more and more nomads, searching for common spaces providing all kind of services from internet access, to flexible work areas suited to all requirements, virtual offices and meeting rooms.
The location of the first temporary office is symbolic: the Eindhoven Flight Forum, located next to the airport, a “ritual space” for business nomads.
The Tribe office in Eindhoven is a flexible open space designed to recreate different situations, from several private corners with work terminals to long desk and wide tables, like the round Tribes Table, where it’s easy to organise an informal meeting.

Inspired by the work of the photographer Jimmy Nelson and his idea of Business Nomads as a new modern tribe, the interior design is characterised by bright colors, coconut, leather, wood, creating a harmoniously comfortable environment.
A sensation enhanced by the floor in porcelain tiles of the Fossil collection designed by Kasia Zareba for DesignTaleStudio, the creative ceramic laboratory of the Italian company Ceramiche Refin.
A collection that revisits the prehistorical imprints left by plants and animals in rock formations in a pattern that gives the impressions of primordial creatures on the surface of the stone.
Text by Gabriele Masi.
Pictures by Rika Looij.


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