The Environment is Design. A book by Gianluca Sgalippa.

In the book “The Environment is Design”. (L’Ambiente è Design. Una prospettiva non necessariamente ecologista.) the author Gianluca Sgalippa braves the clichés of contemporary environmentalism and defines an ideological way, which is totally alternative to the current environmentalism.

The awareness of “limit” and “sustainablity” is not denied, but they take note of the inevitability of having more and more artificial habitats, however respecting what Nature gave us. The photographic selection is most explanatory of the text.
The book is addressed to a public interested both  in design and environmental issues.
Title book (Italian language): L’Ambiente E’ Design. Una prospettiva non necessariamente ecologista.
Author: Gianluca Sgalippa
Editor: Historica

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