The Estel’s journey of the Smart Office.

The Estel’s journey of the Smart Working goes on. It started on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2015 and, after The Inner Edge Magazine #5 devoted to this theme and the new lay out of the Milan showroom according to the contents of the Smart Office Manifesto, the new philosophy was implemented inside the exhibiting spaces in Munich, Thiene and Barcelona. On stage, the whole series of new solutions developed by Estel to evolve into a dimension of Smart Office: performance, networking, open dialogue and creative exchange.

“The Smart Office is an extraordinary place, in the sense that every day is different and new in its configuration, exceptionally fluid and spontaneous.
The workplace 3.0 is already a reality, a phenomenon that has been revealed quickly and to which both companies and urban spaces must respond with optimal solutions.” Explains Alberto Stella, CEO Estel and continues “As is evident, there is no single recipe or a perfect solution. The interventions and variations undertaken on this path are important examples for synthetizing the guidelines for a new generation of furnishings that can only be the fruit of the confluence of very different skills and details. Only those who are able to produce with sufficient logistic and structure, demonstrating a production flexibility that responds to numerous changing needs, can fullfil requests where they have to synthetise the skills from the office and domestic fields, and furnish appropriate responses to the language of the Smart Office: because today’s and tomorrow’s office will be more and more an environment that communicates with the home and vice versa. A perfect osmosis that we, at Estel, have been writing for decades in our history and in the culture of our company. We realise that we must offer our field more and more customised solutions with respect to the products in series that we offered in the past. This is the real challenge today, that we have accepted, fielding our expertise and skills a full 360”.

Showroom Estel in Milan.

Showroom Estel in Barcelona.
Among the furniture solutions inspired by smart working there are
Embrace Lounge Areas, the evolution of the workstations Altagamma and Desk, Kite Family acoustic solutions, the domestic look of the Polpetta armchairs and More Kitchen, because the kitchen is the place where the social emotions become tangible, inside our home and office too.3-estel-smart-working-manifesto-barcellona-wow-webmagazine


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