The high-performance Forgiatura in Milan.

Giuseppe Tortato’s architectural design for a service development is a high-performance, made-to-measure dress for the old industrial facilities.

The new Forgiatura, real estate development close to the area of Expo 2015 in Milan, roots its raison d’être in the authenticity of the renewal: the old riveted structures of the former steel-working sheds proved to be fit for supporting the load of the new and high-performance curtain walls of the buildings and are the framework of the project, carrying out their structural task again.

Instead, what’s entirely new is apparently poised, occasional or visibly “different” from the pre-existent, like the “UFO”, an added storey of a previous office building, provocatively overhanging.
Finally, the vegetation is used as a great innovative and unifying component between the lofts: “architectural”, sharp-edged, according to the spirit of the project, now a sloping garden now the covering of the small hill designed to have a floating office building and amaze with new prospects.

Text by Aurelia Debellis

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