The UniCredit’s multimedia school by Michele De Lucchi.

Multimediality, multi-sensoriality and e work-life balance: the new Mini Tree nursery school at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan, designed by the firm Michele De Lucchi in collaboration with Reggio Children, is an innovative space for kids, thought to facilitate interaction and provided with technologies that makes the environment more interactive.

The new UniCredit nursery school, thought for (but non only) employees’ children, is designed to host up till 60 kids. The environment presents a lot of structures that support and facilitate all the kids’ activities, like playing, learning or sleeping: a 60 inches touch screen, a multimedia table that makes sounds and lights, a sound system to encourage the development of a musical sensitivity, spaces for small cooking and gardening activities, a wide room with relaxing lights and colours.
“We are happy to inaugurate this new nursery school”, said Paolo Cornetta, UniCredit’s HR Strategy manager. “The idea of having work-life balance workplaces is one of the most important motivation for our employees. The nursery school is just the last initiative of the Group in this direction: we have projects to reduce the problems linked to home-to-work mobility and many agreements about services at local level”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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