A joyful sense at work at Salone del Mobile 2016.

One year to go before the next Salone Ufficio 2017 (Worplace 3.0, April 4/9th 2017), but Assufficio’s project will already reveal its guide themes at Salone del Mobile 2016.
A fascinating installation designed by Cristiana Cutrona inspires you to find the sense of work (the meaning as well as the direction) to approach the design of a workplace in a new way.

Artistic videos and site-specific scultures, sounds and synaesthesia, references to classic architecture to reflect upon the identity of work according to human needs, which is the real cornerstone of the design of a new, flexible and smART structure for the workplace.
The installation “A joyful sense at work” refers to the quality of life, the anthropocentric approach to a new Humanism, to a cultural revolution that aims at giving happiness to mankind.

We are at the ending of the Cartesian culture where everything is pre-arranged and also the workplace must be a vibrating and changing web of data and actions, the result of the user-environment interaction. The key words are porosity, transversality, resilience and now the designer’s role is to mediate all needs” quotes architect Cristiana Cutrona, founder of ReValue.
Inside three big “cupolas” – Byzantine, Gothic and of the Renaissance – three symbolic areas represent the basic requirements of the new ways of working.
Concentration (the Latin  Domus), Sharing (the Italian Piazza), Creativity (the harbour from where every journey begins).
The installation has been realized with the collaboration of Filippo Riniolo (multimedia installation), Roberta Maddalena and Tommaso Melideo of Studio Quantica (site-specific usable sculptures) curated by Francesco Cascino.


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