Trends for contract and office seating.

Trends coming from Orgatec attract notice. How long it twill take for them to be appreciated by the market, only time can tell: more Soft seating, more acoustics, more vintage, more friendly. Anyway, what’s new in office chairs?

The mesh-chair seems to be outdated for the padded models are back,  as well as slim shapes, essential and squared, although not too much.
Appearance claims its priority over performance with more unconventional and free models as regards regulations.
The setting devices of chair and armrests are less complex and bulky, lighter and compact. The chair has no longer the characteristics of a “seating machine” and for the  user it’s easier to find their ideal posture. In general, the number of components is lower. (Sedus Turn Around, Tecno Vela, Arper Kinesit Chair, Flexform My Chair).
All materials find room and expression, but  wood is still being matched with other elements and the results are very interesting.
More and more products are designed to be flexible families to fit into different contexts and surroundings.
And in case of common areas, the lounge chair is also used to help to the acoustic comfort through high padded backs or well-organized configurations.
Text by Silvia Fattore

1, Arper, Kinesit Chair, design Lievore Altherr Molina.
2, Sedus Turn Around, design Judith Daur.
3, Tecno, Vela, design Lievore Altherr Molina.
4, Flexform, My Chair, design Baldanzi & Novelli.

5,Casala, Lynx, design Ewalt Kommer and Jeroen Kors.
6, Brunner, A-Chair, design jehs+laub.
7, Estel, Kite Chair.
8, Haworth, Openest System, design Patricia Urquiola.

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