Urban Station, Buenos Aires.

The tempting windows of Urban Station, the first coworking area designed by Giulio Ceppi, Total Tool, overlook the street of a very trendy quarter called Palermo, the Soho of Buenos Aires, where people mingle more than in a bar, a home or an office, and that has soon become the model for a chain now overspread in other countries, too.

Urban Station can accommodate 70 people, it offers a good technological equipment (wi-fi, teleconference, projectors, fax, ecc) and is designed for mobile workers quite widespread in that quarter: travelers, artists and business owners touring the world with their laptop. Workers, who wish to combine their professional life with social interaction, entertainment, comfort, and have all the tools necessary to perform their job in an unconventional place. The setting features warm and bright colours to express the Latin American culture, and is not organized as an office, it rather looks like a bar with individual tables or workstations for small groups; the lighting, too, does not belong to the standardized lighting-technique approach of a work space and includes big, coloured chandeliers, small lamps on each table, pantograph lamps coming down from above, floor lamps with a domestic look. Small sitting rooms with a look of the fifties alternate with design-oriented meeting rooms defined by glass walls; a kitchenette corner and a refrigerating section are embedded in the woodwork at the end of the large open space.

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