Ways of Designing: Paolo Pininfarina.

Pininfarina Extra, which has developed more than 500 projects in the fields of industrial design, interior design, architecture, nautics and aviation, is in the TOP 10 list in the ranking of the top 100 companies of architecture/design operating in Italy (it rose in one year from the 13th to 1th place).

The Pininfarina’s projects range from the pen to the luxury condo (the luxury residential tower Ferra in Singapore, 104 units,102 meters high, was developed from architecture to interior design). The president, Paolo Pininfarina answers to WOW!’s questions.
Is the planning model of Pininfarina Extra the same everywhere in the world and with all kinds of companies or design products or does the approach change to the different situations?
Our design philosophy is based on three essential requirements: elegance, purity and innovation. Starting from these concepts, our approach is similar for all projects, either car, furniture or architecture. Our partners work worldwide, so we know how to create designs to suit the taste of different cultures.
You operates on quite different markets and fields. What are the main emerging needs and lifestyles during last years?
Thanks to the development of means of communication, we are now constantly connected, so we can perform tasks once linked to a specific set in different places. So the rooms should meet this new request for multifunctionality.
Are there any conceptual “contaminations” and common elements between the many design areas you deals with?
The aptitude for innovation led us to face challenges in quite different sectors, from automotive to transportation, industrial design to architecture. The value added lies in using our experience and know-how in a field to finding new solutions in other fields.
How has the workspace vision changed in the past few years? and have these changes an impact on the new interior design and furniture products?
The workplace concept has changed and expanded in the past few years, as well as the concept of teamwork. We work everywhere, in an office, at home or on a journey, our teams are located in far-off countries yet they are interacting. Flexible spaces are required to meet these needs.
What scenarios and evolutions do you expect for the office and the ways of working in the near future?
Multifunctionality and connection are the guide lines in the planning of rooms. An office, but even a restaurant or the interior of a jet shall have to enable the user to perform different tasks: working and interacting with the inside and outside world, the use of contents.

1, Paolo Pininfarina, President gruppo Pininfarina.
2, Ever, Pininfarina for Cambiano, an evergreen pen.
3, Ferra, luxury condo in Singapore, architecture and interiors designed by Pininfarina.
4, Chronograph Sergio, new limited edition for Bovet, a tribute to Sergio Pininfarina.
5,Tifon Tigre, nautical complex deigned by Pininfarina, under construction at Río Luján river in Buenos Aires.
6, Alenia Sukhoi Superjet 100, interior design by Pininfarina awarded “red dot design award 2013”.
7,1100 Millecento,
the luxury condo designed by Pininfarina, under construction in Miami.
8, Xten, the icon chair for office designed by Pininfarina for Ares Line in 2003.
9, Premiere, chair system for conference rooms designed by Pininfarina for Ares Line, awarded Wellness@Work at Salone del Mobile 2006.
10, Contract sofa PF3 designed in 2011 by Pininfarina for Ares Line.
11, The interiors by Pininfarina of Juventus Stadium in Turin, awarded the Stadium Innovation Award.
12, Schaefer 800, yacht designed by Pininfarina for the Brasilian boatyard Schaefer.

13, Snaidero, Ola25 Limited Edition is created to celebrate 25 years of collaboration between Pininfarina and Snaidero.

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