Working poolside?  At the WOW! Island “agile working” comes true!

Can a swimming pool -traditionally used to obtain an agile body- change into an unusual, pleasant and informal “office” for “agile working”, where work and wellbeing are both possible? Yes, that’s possible in Milan on the occasion of  “Agile Working Day 2015” (Giornata del Lavoro Agile 2015) promoted by Comune di Milano. Actually WOW! Webmagazine is going to organize Isola WOW! Lavoro Agile (WOW! Island Agile Working), from March 23rd to 27th, a few workstations at Cozzi swimming pool in Milan, marked by a top-level design and equipped with wi-fi connection.

WOW! Island is free for people who go regularly to the swimming pool and anyone wishing to try new work ways and places. Some lounge areas are planned for relax and informal meetings; other workplaces are designed to allow more privacy and concentration.
Agile Work requires a cultural change more than anything else: an agile mind rather then agile work and rooms promoting creativity: each WOW! Island si therefore a joyful and lively space, a “workplace” to generate wellbeing, where you can but cry WOW!
Meetings and Jelly Sessions to share experiences and ideas on the Agile Work theme are also planned.
March 23 ( 6pm) opening round table “Agility and Wellness”
panel: Chiara Bisconti (Milan Council Member), Mariano Corso, Francesco Zurlo, Marco Predari, Antonino Borgese, Alberto Cannistrà; chairman Renata Sias, editor WOW! Webmagazine.
Every day al 5pm Jelly Sessions about Smart Working and presentation of  “Agile Cases History”.

Event organized by WOW! Webmagazine in collaboration with Milanosport.
Patronage by ADI, Assufficio, Great Place to Work Italia, IFMA Italia, Osservatorio Smart Working Politecnico di Milano.
Thanks to: Milanosport  and
AkzoNobel, BTicino, Caimi Brevetti, Dieffebi, Diwar, Emme Italia, HW Style, Linak, Interface, Kinnarps, Kundalini, Plantronics, Sedus, USM  for supplying furniture, chairs, lighting, floor covering, plants and accessories.

Piscina Cozzi, Viale Tunisia 35 , Tribuna 2° piano.
When: 23 marzo ore 17/20; dal 24 al 26 marzo ore 10/18; 27 marzo ore 10/14.
opening: 23 marzo ore 18
Graphic design by Sara Marani.

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