WOW! celebrates its 1° anniversary with WOW! Seminar.

WOW! Webmagazine celebrates its first anniversary in a not too self-celebratory but very concrete way, consistently with the vision and “ways of working” it wants to promote. The first WOW! Seminar was surprisingly attended by over 350 architects showing an interest in the speakers’ papers, who drank to WOW! success.
About one year ago, during the first WOW! Jelly Session at Kinnarps’ showroom in Milan, we touched glasses to the birth of WOW! with a small group of friends (Michele De Lucchi, Giulio Ceppi, Paola Coronel, Gilberto Dondè, Alessandro Zollo, Nunzia Ricciardi, Daniele Andriolo, Maximilian Speciani).
On January 16th 2014, WOW! celebrated its first year of business in Milan at Assimpredil ANCE’ Conference Center in the presence of over 350 architects attending the first WOW! Seminar on “Corporate Real Estate Upgrading
I think this can be considered as the most tangible evidence of WOW! success and growth.

I thanks very much the audience and the very important speakers (Marco Mari, Francesca Zirnstein, Marco Piva, Andrè Straja, Massimo Roj, Claudia Salomoni, Benedetta Steri).
I also thanks Assimpredil ANCE for hosting the Seminar and Ordine Architetti di Milano for collaborating.
WOW! also expresses gratitude to the Partner companies (AkzoNobel, Aresline, Babini Office, BTicino, Caimi Brevetti, Dieffebi, EmmeItalia, Kinnarps, Luxy, Plantronics, Sedus) who trust in this innovative media.

Renata Sias, editor WOW! Webmagazine

Next WOW! Seminar on February 20th.
The report of the WOW! Seminars will be posted in the next issues of WOW! Webmagazine.

In the photos:
1,2,3,4,The two crowded rooms at Assimpredil ANCE Conference Center.
5, The speaker table (from left): Renata Sias, Massimo Roj, Marco Piva, Andrè Straja, Francesca Zirnstein, Claudia Salomoni, Benedetta Steri.
6,Claudia Salomoni (Akzo Nobel) and Benedetta Steri (Sikkens).
7, The amazing “chromatic catering” with the compliments of Akzo Nobel.
8, Nunzia Ricciardi (Kinnarps) and Renata Sias.

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