Real Estate upgrading: WOW! Seminar cycle with Ordine Architetti di Milano.

WOW! enriches its meeting programme: the new WOW!Seminar cycle is planned, held at Assimpredil ANCE conference center in  Milano (16/1, 20/2, 13/3/2014). The subject: Corporate Real Estate upgrading: what are the criteria? What is the architect’s role? Italian language. Free entrance. È necessario registrarsi qui.

The highlights of the seminars will be published in WOW! Webmagazine.
WOW! broaches the subject of the property in the service industry pragmatically, through  some excellent case studies, smart-building and smart-city oriented, related by their planners, as well as planning methods and approaches and appraisal systems of performance, so that the upgrading concept isn’t just a striking face-lift.
If eco-sustainability is the ethical and economic priority, optimization of areas and property performance are likewise necessary factors in today’s property market. Over half of the real estate in the service industry doesn’t meet Class A requirements and the new city doesn’t need concrete only, but also technological infrastructures.  What role does the architect plays in this scenario? Who are the new actors involved in the project? What criteria should be followed to reconvert the existing property? How a combined, upgrading and functional project should be tackled? Is green refurbishment the only “sustainable” space left to the architectural project?
Three seminars to compare opinions and the role of the architect and of the new actors involved in the project of sustainable reconversion of the existing property in the service industry.

In the photo: Segreen Business Park by Lombardini 22 winnwr project of the award Premio REbuild 2013.

Title: “Riqualificazione del patrimonio edilizio terziario”.
Where: Assimpredil ANCE, Via San Maurilio 21, Milan.
When: 16 gennaio, 20 febbraio, 27 marzo 2014.
PROGRAM (Italian language)
Seminario #1 – 16 gennaio 2014 (ore 17,30/19,30)
Situazione immobiliare e esigenze del mercato Real Estate:
Arch Francesca Zirnstein, Scenari Immobiliari e Arel
Sistema LEED:
Ing Marco Mari, GBC Italia
Presentazioni Case study:
Arch Massimo Roj, Progetto CMR;
Arch Andrè Straja, Goring & Straja Architects.
Arch Marco Piva, Studio Marco Piva.
Moderatore: Renata Sias, direttore WOW! Webmagazine.
L’incontro si concluderà con un aperitivo offerto da Akzo Nobel.

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Seminario #2 – 20 febbraio 2014 (ore 17,30/19,30)

Sistema BRaVe, Building Rating Value:
Prof Oliviero Tronconi, PoliMi dipartimento BEST
Tecnologie ICT e impianti integrati per smart e sustainable building:
Ing Paolo Dall’Oglio, BTicino
Bytes, Behaviours, Bricks: Refurbishing and smart working.
Presentazioni Case study:
Arch Jacopo della Fontana, D2U-Design to Users;
Arch Giuseppe Tortato, Giuseppe Tortato Architects.

L’incontro si concluderà con un aperitivo offerto da Bticino.

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Seminario #3 – 27 marzo 2014 (ore 17,30/19,30)
Il patrimonio esistente: costo o risorsa?
Alberto Radice Fossati, CBRE Global Investors
Presentazioni Case study:
Arch. Marco Amosso, Lombardini 22
Arch. Filippo Pagliani, Park associati
“Pelli” intelligenti e sostenibili.

Moderatore: Renata Sias, direttore WOW! Webmagazine.