Zeta Service: a bright colours Best Workplace.

Over just 11 years, Zeta Service went from 1 to 380 clients and from 1 to170 employees, most of them women. The success of this Italian company lies in the care they take over people and their work-life balance approach. The new offices reflects this vision.

The involvement and human centered vision underlie the project of the lively offices in Milan (opening next June). A 7 floors building that stands out in the surrounding gloomy outskirts with its bright colours.
Silvia Bolzoni, sole administrator Zeta Service (company awarded by Great Place to Work and Ambrogino d’Oro), tells us the procedure of this most partecipatory project, “starting from the choice of the designer, architect Matteo Colla, who had the sensitivity to put our awareness of people’s needs into a space, which we consider as the most important value”.
The drastic renovation has added three storeys to the existing building and has completely reshaped the layout. Comfort was carefully considered, expecially seating ergonomy and light design. Light, open spaces, snow-white surroundings enlivened by touches of colour, chosen by Zeta Service after seeking the advice of a psychologist of colour. Colours are also used as signs and as an element of identification and corporate communication.
Very welcoming rooms, not hierarchical, that provide for a comfortable break area with balcony on the top floor, so that everyone can enjoy the view of the skyline of Milan. Smart working organization and technologies, allow the employees to work everywhere, but no wonder if they prefer to work together with their colleagues in a workplace they love and can identify with.


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