100% Made in Italy: interview with Monica Babini.

The authoritative certification was given to Babini Office (a company manufacturing office furniture at Camerano for fifty years), by Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani (the activity of madeinitaly.org is focussed on the value of manufactures which are entirely made in Italy), so now the company joins the scene of guaranteed excellence. We ask to Monica Babini, Chief Executive Officer, a few questions:

Why is it so important to emphasize the Made in Italy concept worldwide even in the field of office furniture?

“It’s an important value added recognized all over the world, abroad more than in Italy.  Always synonymous with design and quality, in all fields, now this recognition is requested in the office furniture industry, too. We pay attention to the market and try to meet the requirements of our demanding public”.

What’s the chief value Babini identifies with?

“Value is given by the whole manufacturing chain. The provisioning of materials, suppliers, production, assembly. That’s a guarantee of top quality and enables us to identify with and bear the prestigious brand”.

The law 166 of 2009 has recognised and defined the 100% Made in Italy and its consequent guarantee issued through the certification.

The 100% Made in Italy certification is not just a choice of quality and status symbol for the product but also an essential statement.

The 100% Made in Italy mark applies to all sectors and becomes an integral part of the product. Its prestige makes the product unique and the consumer can appreciate it properly.

Through the certification the manufacturer can effectively communicate the value of the product which has entirely been Made in Italy. 

The 100% Made in Italy certification can only be issued after thorough checks on quality, style, materials and productions phases.