Art and Architecture: Lombardini22.

An evolving workshop that dialogues through art too.

Lombardini22 is an ever-evolving laboratory Milano based. We are an integral part of the world of concreteness and we are people, who think, imagine the future and try to find innovative solutions also in worlds far from ours.

That’s why we like art. We are stimulated, moved, surprised, caught off-guard by art. We had as guests the artists of the ArtKitchen collective, the Japanese collective Retired Weapons, the installation Fantasmi Urbani (Urban Ghosts) by Roberto Cambi, the video installation 150Italiae by Diego Emanuele, the site specific installation Mare Bianco byFernando Garbellotto and the installation Bridge the Gap with four Frogs by Cracking Art is now on show. Each time we have a small, permanent exhibition in our offices (artworks by Beniamino Terraneo, Aldo Rossi, Roberto Cambi, TVBoy, IVAN). Each time is a new challenge. Each time art is part of a wider programme of an in-depth cultural study, that includes readings and talks with brilliant people coming from the world of culture and science.  We believe it and hope that “Lombardini22 Conversation” with our customers will continue like that, increasingly attractive.

(text by Lucia Matti)


1,2 Installation by Retired Weapons at Lombardini22.

3 Video installation 150Italiae by Diego Emanuele at Lombardini22.

4 Installation Fantasmi Urbani by Roberto Cambi at Lombardini22.

5 Installation Mare Bianco by Fernando Garbellotto at Lombardini22.