Cino Zucchi: Inhabitated Landscape, Italian Pavilion, Biennale.

“We like the Italian environment for its monumentality, but also because it is the background of real life. Life adapts to spaces that adapt to life”.

During the opening of Italian Pavilion “Innesti/Grafting” at 14th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, the curator Cino Zucchi explains the concept of the section Inhabitated Landscape, an  “architecture collage”, with a suggestive representation of a large contemporary landscape made up of images of recent projects where architects from various generations are challenged with difficult settings. A series of “postcards” autographed by non-Italian architects will give a concise interpretation of the particular Italian condition as seen by various corners of the world. The section Paesaggi Abitati (Inhabitated Landscapes) presents a collaborative video installation curated by Studio Azzurro, a choral work that collects a selection of videos, made by videomakers and ordinary people, that can interpret places of collective life in Italy.