Coworking in a bookstore: Open by Lago, Milan.

Open is new concept of retail outlet created by Giorgio Fipaldini and Daniele Lago. A setting to foster experiences. “More than books” and even “More than design”. A 1000 sqm designed by Lago with the consulting of UdA Architects (A. Marcante and A.Testa Architects), devoted to culture and design, food e relax, books and coworking.
To reinvent the retail outlet is by now commonplace, but in case of Open we are confronted with a hybrid format of bookcase, not only meant to sell, but also to “spread culture”. Open is a place, where you can refer to and buy books (paper or digital format), live and buy also the design products carried out by Lago, a company that has always experimented with new ways of retail sale (for example the Lago Flat as living showrooms).

Furthermore, at Open’s you can eat, rest, mingle and work. There ia a coworking area equipped with bench tables and small conference and meeting rooms. “Making Spaces and Leisure Spaces”, Giorgio Fipaldini explains. Even the atmosphere is a perfect work-life balance: homelike, informal yet with functional and ergonomic rooms equipped with Internet and wi-fi connections.
A rough container, that emphasizes the long table in Wildwood, used also as a socializing component, surrounded by the colour of chairs and lamps, the irregular geometries of the wall-mounted bookshelves, Lastika easy chairs, standing desks with stools, lounge corners and comfortable sofas
The basic idea is to enrich the ordinary selling purpose with a social purpose, to meet the new life and work styles.