Coworking in a “greenhouse”: Hi Lab by Matali Crasset, Nice.

Greenness, glass walls and an “outdoor” atmosphere are the hallmark of Hi-Lab, an unusual Business Center opened in Nice last November 21st. A new workplace created by Matali Crasset within a wider cooperation plan with HI Hotel, that involved them in other innovative concepts(HI.matic, Hi.hotel, Dar.Hi, Hi.beach); environments for work and  pleasure, where the boundary between the two is getting increasingly vague.
Hi Lab takes up a former 350 sqm workshop close to Hi Hotel in Nice and it isn’t meant for the hotel guests only, but also to companies or professional people, who need meeting rooms and locations for seminar and conference.
As in all Matali Crasset projects, the ambience is joyful and light. The pivot of this space is the circular meeting hall evoking a greenhouse, easily reconfigurable; round which a smaller room and some offices are organized. The work space may also “go out” on the terrace, to enjoy the mild climate of Nice.
The image of the greenhouse and the “garden mood”are emphasized by the many plants, as well as by fences, light green color, outdoor furniture (Plust Collection) and glass partition walls, keeping the transparency and visual continuity of the whole space.