Dan Graham: Glass partition walls? No, artwork!

It might be thought that Art inspires design, but the opposite can happens… On the occasion of Frieze Masters the exhibition recently held in London, the Lisson Gallery presented an artwork poised between sculpture and architecture by Dan Graham, the american artist and architect who, since the ‘80s, has realized numerous glass and mirrored pavilions all over the world as prisms through which we view others and ourselves.
Dan Graham produced a freestanding pavilion, replacing the internal booth structure with a spiral of steel and glass. A minimalist meeting point, simultaneously reflective and transparent, that makes reference to office blocks, skyscrapers, and modern Expo pavilions.
Dan Graham, 2-Way Mirror Cylinder Bisected By Perforated, Stainless Steel, 2011-12, Stainless steel, perforated steel and 2-way mirror, © the artist; Courtesy, Lisson Gallery, London.