Dieffebi: to define, contain, absorb.

The inclusion of furniture that can simultaneously define areas of work, perform storage functions and have a positive impact on acoustics by incorporating soundabsorbing materials, offers the possibility to significantly improve workspaces.
Primo Acoustic by Dieffebi
, designed by 967 Architetti Associati, offers an effective solution to these multiple needs with soundproof doors designed to improve wellbeing in crowded and noisy workplaces. Certificated according to EN ISO 354:2003, the Primo Acoustic cabinets have an average sound absorption coefficient of 0.70, (it means that they absorb on average 70% of the sounds reaching them). Combining these qualities with the typical features of a cabinet, it offers a single product capable of fulfilling the needs of organizing and separating spaces, effectively reducing noise. For greater acoustic insulation, particularly in the case of cabinets serving as a partition placed at the centre of a room, it can be ordered not only with soundproof doors but also with backs made of the same material.