Ways of living the office. Dwellings.

The results of Interiors Workshop (Polimi) by Michele De Lucchi

“The new office won’t result from the old office concept. It need a change in the way of thinking the project”: Michele De Lucchi prompts his students to rethink the human needs reconsidering the individual as such and not just a member of a working team.

In today’s large open spaces, there is a great need for identity, places people can identify with. Interiors are made of large rooms and the idea of small dwelling for interiors solves the issue of liveability and iconography of the office.

The brief to the students were to give space to men, not furniture and create inhabitable and customizable objects for working, a live-in secretaire, an inhabitable piece of furniture.

Laboratorio di Interni della Facoltà di Disegno Industriale del Politecnico di Milano (Prof. Michele De Lucchi; Prof.ssa Paola Silva Coronel; Marco De Santi).

By Paola Silva Coronel

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