Connected IoT objects by BTcino

BTicino, leader of Gruppo Legrand in Italy, features a technological DNA and has always been innovation-oriented. The first to bring design to technical power products and introduce the concept of home automation and connected building, in a consistent path of innovation, the company moves on to Smart Building -namely the building integrated systems- to the creation of a new value through the development of IoT objects: here is the Programme ELIOT, the acronym of Electricity and IoT.

Friendly and easy as its name suggests, today ELIOT enters our homes and offices officially, although B Ticino has actually supported the revolution of the Internet of Things for a long time, as proved by the turnover of 200 million euros with connected objects in 2014 realized by BTicino and Legrand.
The Internet of Things is conquering practically all aspects of human life: from health, to transport, business, leisure and above all the home and buildings for which it is opening a new era. For BTicino, the Internet of Things represents an opportunity to offer greater value to its users, both private and professional. The capacity to communicate must increase the user value, guaranteeing a real plus in the long term”, commented Franco Villani, BTicino Managing Director.
Convinced that the Internet of Things will become the standard, BTicino is now aiming at accelerating the development of its connected products by launching the ELIOT programme, aimed at the evolution of BTicino products, inserting IOT solutions where they would lead to an increase in user value. The ELIOT brand will thus indicate all the BTicino products which form part of the family of objects which are or can be connected.
The solutions based on the Internet of Things must be able to communicate with each other. It is therefore important that they speak a common language. BTicino and the Legrand Group are active in international alliances such as AllSeen Alliance (which defines communication standards and interoperability) and ZigBee Alliance, building wireless communication standards. In the ambit of ELIOT the Group is intensifying its partnerships with innovation start-ups with the objective of enriching applications such as energy and heating management or assistance to autonomy.
“The connected objects supply added user value, proposing complementary services, automating processes, reducing response times, detecting a status and regulating any decisions. -commented Davide Colombo, BTicino Home-Automation Marketing Manager-The connected products simplify life, for example by means of preventive maintenance, remote controls and protection systems for buildingsThe connected objects will only be used if they guarantee an enduring advantage, fundamental and reliable for the user”.
IoT is also an advantage for Facility Management in commercial and b2b sectors.
BTicino ELIOT products include, for example:

Camera with sensor which can remotely signal and display the presence of an intruder, allowing the user to discriminate between a real alarm and a false one.
Salvavita Stop & Go which remotely informs the user of any unexpected Salvavita(Residual current device) trips, so that he can check that the device has been correctly reset and telling him whether in fact he needs a qualified electrician.

Connected timer thermostat which allows management of the heating system via app, simplifying the programming of switching ON and OFF.
Display of energy consumptions, made up of a set of sensors and intelligent sockets, which can measure the energy consumption, follow it over time and devise scenarios for energy saving, locally or remotely.
Management of lighting, rolling shutters, curtains and blinds by means of the BTicino wireless system gateway which makes even existing homes “intelligent” and which is thus ideal for restructuring without building work.
Classe 300 Video door entry system with which you can interact, also via smartphone and tablet, with the person ringing at the door, discovering in real time who was looking for you.
NuVo hi-fi audio components multi-room system, manages music inside the home using an app, taking the music both from libraries saved on mobile or fixed devices and from streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer.