Eva Tower: pay-per-use sustainable offices in Venice.

Today was lauched in Mestre (close to Venice) Torre Eva, the first eco-sustainable business centre in Triveneto that proposes the US formula of sharing space and pay-per use.
A progressive building (Energy Class A), designed by Giovanna Mar (Studio Architetto Mar) which make use of multiple technologies to guarantee the minimum impact on the environment to reduce electricity costs, heating and air-conditioning.
Torre Eva (11.000 sqm surfaces) is based on a cluster of buildings facing on a Piazza, that privileges the concept of sharing space and takes value to a quite and nice public space for relaxing.
“Heating and electrical energy traditionally represent the highest costs for any office – explains Luca Pasqualotto, Manager for the Offices Section of Halldis- For the Torre Eva building, which is owned by Life of Mirano, choices were made to guarantee much lower costs, taking into account the importance of the environment. A prime example of this is reflected through the photovoltaic panels, which generate enough electricity for all offices, as well as the heat pumps, which use the aquifers to air-condition the spaces as best as possible. Another system put to good use, in order to substantially lower consumption and energy costs and to improve the level of comfort is cross ventilation: the central atrium vertically connects the whole building, and an electronic control system within the double-sided glass-wall facade allows constant air re-circulation with beneficial effects on the environmental comfort and the wellbeing of the occupants. It is therefore not necessary to depend on automatic aeration because of this very advanced yet simple and natural functionality, with instant benefits in terms of reduction of consumption and particularly for the environment.”
The ever-growing importance and focus in productivity also demands having to take economically viable decisions in the short and long term which include the optimization of operational costs and the externalization of non- core activities, in order to focus primarily on the company’s own main business priorities.
For this purpose the business centre proves to be the ideal choice to help companies and professionals, thanks to the formula of space sharing and pay-per-use, both already successfully implemented in the US: this innovative function of perceiving spaces allows to use the offices and meeting rooms one needs with flexible contracts.
The offices come ready equipped with furniture and cables, ready to move into and start working.