Habitat Lab, LEED: the most sustainable in Italy.

Making the most of the past and future of the building industry, the lab Saint-Gobain was certified “Platinum” with a 90/100 score, the highest in Italy and second in Europe.
Habitat Lab
(LEED® 2009 Italia NC, new building and refurbishment) is the centre set up by Saint-Gobain Group inside Corsico industrial estate to promote a new way of building, conscious of sustainability as regards energy, materials and polluting emissions, but also  living comfort.
The project provided for the renovation of a small building of the fifties (about 700 sqm) and a new construction (about 500 sqm) 1200 sqm total surface.
LEED protocol has considered and awarded six different planning scopes: Energy and atmosphere, Sustainability of the site, Water management, environmental quality of interiors, materials, Innovation in planning.
For this project, Saint-Gobain made use of innovative solutions offered by its brands: from the matt and transparent shell to contact ceilings and through to the photovoltaic system and trims.