New needs inspire new furnishings.

The in-between areas are increasingly present in large and small organizations. Since some years ago Kinnarps, in cooperation with talented designers, is researching new solutions of hybrid furnishings specifically conceived for these areas between work, relaxation and meeting.
The new ones, called Lean In and Avant Bench, are produced by the Kinnarps Group’s brand Materia and pay attention to sustainability too.

In-between areas are the more interesting of the new workplaces: living spaces that follow the changing collaborative attitudes of the new ways of working, spaces where co-working is also co-living.
The dynamism and flexibility of these environments require new versatile categories of furniture, to give shape to new behaviors and able to balance work and leisure activities. Here are two interesting examples:

lean-in-Kaja- Solgaard-Dahl-materia-kinnarps-wow-webmagazine

Lean In, design by Kaja Solgaard Dahl, produced by Materia (Kinnarps Group).
It enables a natural behaviour: leaning while standing up. The piece of furniture is wall-mounted and forms an invitingly soft support for the body.

It is ideal in areas with limited space, or in rooms where you want to create new ways of interacting.
A wall- mounted table is now available as an optional extra (black or white).



Avant Bench, design by Fredrik Mattson, produced by Materia (Kinnarps Group).
New needs are the inspiration for new furniture. Sometimes they are so new that there is no category in which to put them. Avant bench is shaped like a bench and a table in one, a smart design offering several seating options. The table top are available either fully upholstered in fabric or leather alternatively in white pigmented ash, black stained ash or white laminate. The bench can be ordered in two different lengths. Power sockets is available as optional extra.