New showroom Arper at Merchandise Mart Chicago.

The location chosen by Arper for the new Chicago showroom is the prestigious 3rd floor at Merchandise Mart (one of world’s largest commercial buildings that hosts Neocon); 150 m2 designed by the architect Solveig Fernlund, who explains the design concept: “ I wanted the showroom to feel like a gallery, with the chairs being displayed like sculptures on slightly raised platforms. They are grouped in a diagonal pattern following the shape of the showroom wall at the end of the space. The square platforms form a faceted silver surface reflecting the outline of each chair. I love working with people and companies involved with art and design and the dialogue that is integral to these projects. Arper is an inspiring company with a good eye for clean strong design and I enjoyed the collaboration very much. I think the Arper showroom is very close to my working philosophy and what I try to achieve.”
The Chicago showroom opening (the layout has been realized in collaboration with studio LAM Lievore, Altherr, Molina) fits into the company’s global expansion plan that was launched with the opening of showrooms in Milan, Cologne, Stockholm, New York and London, and highlights the company’s strategic approach to the North American market.